Experiences by Sunquest

Go somewhere special. Do something memorable.

To meet a new demand from Canadian travellers for luxury, unique experiences, cultural immersion and spectacular dining Sunquest has created worry-free vacations using scintillating hotels, destinations, and experiences and married them with the service and the convenience you love from the traditionally famous sun vacations.

Comprised of eight collections, the line-up features 109 air-inclusive package vacations that span the globe. 'Experiences by Sunquest' covers all of the traditional sun destinations, in addition offering 13 new destinations in the U.S.A., South America, Canada and Europe; 85 new properties; six handpicked cruises; and 114 experiences.

All ‘Experiences by Sunquest’ packages include flights, hotel accommodations and transportation between the airport and hotel.

Typical ‘experiences’ include a stay in an ancient monastery in Spain, creating handcrafted chocolate bars at a hotel surrounded by cocoa groves, stays in 10th century Moorish castles, golfing on the world’s oldest and most iconic course, private dinners in a world-renowned wine cellar with over 250,000 bottles from 400 vintners, guest rooms ‘in the sky’ or over top of turquoise seas, and so much more.

Where will your next Experience take you?

Extraordinary destinations around the globe await your next visit.

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When the mainstream won’t do, and you’re looking for something a little more unique, you’ll find it here. These hotels are distinctive and interesting. Each wanting you to love your accommodation experience, but also dive into their famed destinations and explore, learn, love, and repeat. 


Perhaps your appetite for travel craves something a little different, an experience that is completely unmatched and solely yours.

You’re looking for that out-of-this-world vacation that leaves you satisfied, yet wanting more. It’s something different, and you’ll find it in this remarkable collection. The hotels featured within this collection are unrivaled, with many receiving esteemed awards. But beyond honours, these hotels have so much more in common. Every one is passionate about providing travelers, vacationers, and adventurers with something unique, something different, something bold. You’ll find incomparable settings in Saint Lucia, a historical gem in Scotland, one-of-a-kind amenities in Barbados, a captivating city in Colombia, an enlightened concept in Puerto Vallarta, glamorous surroundings in Cancun, and year-round golf in Spain.
Break free from your everyday stresses and routine, and surround yourself with the beauty that is nature. The hotels, lodges, and resorts featured in this collection are tucked into settings that are unrivaled in both their uniqueness and beauty. Each one is a master of its location, allowing you the vacationer to become fully engrossed in its stunning location.


Often, we miss the natural beauty that surrounds us and the happiness it can bring us. When you’re ready to break free from the daily grind and surround yourself with indescribable beauty, it’s time to get Back To Nature.

For the vacationer who wants to dive into the best Mother Nature has to offer, while still being in the height of luxury, the Fairmont Hotels are ideal. Hiking to skiing, white water rafting to glacier trekking, these hotels offer it all, and at the end of the day they also offer casual elegance and gourmet dining. Those who want to truly unplug and leave the world behind will find inner peace in a small Mexican resort with unreliable WiFi and stunning ocean views. In the Caribbean there’s a retreat on a private island, and one on a secluded beach, while in Cozumel, an adventurous hideaway rests perfectly between the ocean and the jungle. And in Spain a cliff-side hotel is undeniably stunning.

Sending our imaginations swirling with thoughts, and historic dreams of ancient lives, historic hotels are exciting, thought provoking, and romantic at times. They vary in shape and size, and are most often housed in captivating buildings such as palaces and castles. They’re truly inspired, and provide some of the most unmatched experiences available.


Travel back in time, get swept away in the romance of yesteryear, surround yourself with the intrigue of history’s greatest events, or ponder the decisions of the world’s greatest leaders in the very spots they were made.

Historic hotels bring you one step closer to treasured moments in time, they connect us to enchanting decades, and ancient achievements. It is our chance to glimpse a time past, and for a moment understand what it was like.

This collection of historic hotels is bold and unique. There are old-world buildings converted to charming Paradors throughout Spain. Opulent icons favored by aristocrats and celebrities in London, and grand landmarks beside International attractions in Paris. In Jamaica there’s a resort beloved by the Royal Family, while in Curacao a World Heritage Site waits to be explored.

When selected, any one of these impressive historic hotels will create some of your most unique vacation memories.

Beacons of opulence and elegance, luxury hotels and resorts stand out amongst the competition. They are sprawling palaces or intimate boutiques; you’ll find them beachfront, city-centre, and tucked into private islands. No matter which destination you choose, when you select a luxury hotel you’ll be ensured service that goes beyond the expected, to be extraordinary.


Enviable amenities, an attendant for your every need, and a beautiful place to rest your head, this is what a luxury vacation promises, this and so much more.

It is resorts and boutique hotels that anticipate your every need and desire, before you’ve even had a chance to ask. You’ll find exclusive privileges that are simply extravagant (think poolside Ambassadors). Top-shelf everything served in sumptuous settings (only the finest champagnes). And locations that are second-to-none (private beaches and sophisticated neighborhoods).

This collection of luxury properties has been hands elected for their exquisite amenities and facilities. You’ll find glamour and sophistication in London, Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Bogota. Nestled into the Sonoran Desert, an oasis of family luxury. While throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, a mix of lavish Villas, intimate Suites, and sophisticated Rooms are truly exquisite and inspired.

Beacons of opulence and elegance, each of these hotels delivers an unrivaled, lavish vacation experience.

Seeking a truly inspired space for your next getaway? Search no further. In this collection we’ve selected the most magnificent hideaways. There are rooms floating over the water, and ones with pools ‘in the sky’; we have romantic in-Suite whirlpools, private gardens, and houses on top-rated beaches. These are places of undeniable opulence and beauty, places that are beyond compare.


Seeking a truly inspired space for your next getaway? In this collection, there are rooms floating over the water, and ones with pools ‘in the sky’, romantic in-suite whirlpools, and houses on the top-rated beaches. These are places of undeniable opulence and beauty, places that are beyond compare.

You’re looking for extraordinary abodes, places that make you stop and catch your breath. Where the details, both big and small, have been meticulously designed and perfectly executed, leaving you, the guest, thunderstruck. We’ve scoured the Caribbean, Mexico, and the USA for you to create a list of resorts whose habitats are anything but humble.

You’ll find cliff side Love Nests, and Suites with private plunge pools overlooking the ocean. There’s private terraces, outdoor showers, and outdoor Jacuzzi’s made for two. Some resorts offer dedicated Butler Services, while others provide Personal Assistants. King-size beds, lavish marble en-suites with walk-in rain showers, discreet boxes for Room Service, and so much more wait in these Incredible Rooms.

In this hotel collection you’re sure to find your perfect palace.

Dramatic peaks soaring over pristine beaches; ancient-tiled rooftops framed by stunning monuments; these are the vistas that stay with us, the ones we search out when selecting a hotel or resort. Each of these properties has been selected for their unrivaled panoramas over their gorgeous settings. No two are alike, you’ll find historic gems, modern luxury, and laid-back elegance. The only thing these hotels have in common: their views are unmatched.


Capturing your attention and refusing to let go, like a roaring fire or a rushing waterfall, an amazing view has the ability to mesmerize us. It can lift our spirits, inspire our creativity, and entertain for hours on end.

It’s truly no surprise that amazing views often receive top priority in the search for the ultimate vacation accommodations. Don’t we all want to begin and end each day with a scene that leaves us pleasantly overwhelmed.

This hotel collection features a selection of fine resorts and hotels in legendary destinations. You’ll find historic gems overlooking fantastic cities and picturesque villages in Spain, modern luxury clinging to the mountainside in Saint Lucia, and laid-back elegance overlooking a secluded bay in Antigua, amongst countless other unrivaled settings throughout Europe and the Caribbean.

No two are alike, the only thing they have in common: their views are beyond compare.

The combination of silky-smooth beaches, vibrant jewel-toned ocean waves, and stately palms swaying in the breeze is simply divine, no matter where you land. While yes, every floating paradise is heavenly, we have found a few places scattered throughout the Caribbean that are delightfully sumptuous in their idyllic settings.


So what makes an island amazing, aren’t all islands amazing? Amazing islands are those reached by the path less taken, the ones not on the tip of the tongue.

They are gorgeous havens not known by mainstream travellers, places that once discovered, you’ll want to keep secret so you can have them all to yourself.

The Abacos are a chain of quiet Bahamian islands where you won’t find glitzy nightlife, but you will find secluded romantic beaches. Ernest Hemingway’s beloved Bimini is blessed with a plethora of big game fish and miles upon miles of pristine beaches. Harbour Island, another Bahamian jewel, is famed for two very special reasons; its pink sand beaches and its historic Dunmore Town. Containing over 365 islands, The Exumas are ultra-exclusive, and here, swimming with pigs is a favourite activity.

While every floating paradise is heavenly, these few places are just a little more sumptuous in their idyllic settings.

Not all cruises are created equal, there are some that stand out from their seafaring competition with unique ports of call, or enviable onboard amenities. The cruises within this brochure go above and beyond, crafting vacations that will leave you counting the days till your next sailing adventure.


They say once you’ve cruised, you’ll be a fan for life, and we completely agree. Step aboard a floating hotel and find yourself being carried from destination to destination, waking in a new tropical paradise or ancient city each morning.

Cruising opens up a world of possibilities, it allows you to immerse yourself in multiple destinations, cultures, and experiences during one vacation break.

Of course, not all cruises are created equal, there are some that stand out from their sea-faring competition with unique ports of call, or enviable onboard amenities. These cruises go above and beyond, crafting vacations that will leave you counting the days till your next sailing adventure.

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