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Europe Example trips: Many more trips and dates available.


If nothing says holiday to you more than endless coastal vibes, then you've landed on the right page. The Mediterranean Quest is all about blue seas, Roman architecture overlooking pebbled beaches, and indulgent days of palaces, perfumery and pretty coastlines. Italy, France and Spain have never looked so good.  

Mediterranean Quest
4 Countries, 10 Days
Barcelona to Rome

$1663 - $1825
various dates
SAVE up to $180


Learning about leprechauns and drinking gallons of Guinness is one thing, but exploring the Jameson's Distillery, eating Irish stew and oysters in Galway & seeing the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Giant’s Causeway? Well that's quite another. The full Irish experience awaits on our 8-day tour of The Emerald Isle.

2 Countries, 8 Days
Roundtrip Dublin

$1688 – $1754
various dates
SAVE up to $194


From bright disco lights to boutique shopping, idyllic pebbled bays to crumbling alleys of coffee shops – this trip is a wonderland of all things Spain. We’ll hop through a kaleidoscope of sceneries ensuring there’s never a dull moment, starting at the beach side beauty of Barcelona and concluding at the inland capital of Madrid. 

Ibiza & Beyond
1 Country, 9 Days
Barcelona to Madrid

$1949 – $2123
various dates
SAVE up to $212


Affirming the ‘great’ in Great Britain, we’ll hop around this region and its unbeatable line-up of towns and cities. With a kick off in London and a final stop in Liverpool, it’s almost hard to believe what we’ll see in between. Whether you’re a history head, muso, or a big fan of sports, this trip has a little something for everyone.

The Best of Britain
2 Countries, 10 Days
Roundtrip London

$2030 – $2066
various dates
SAVE up to $230


12-days floating around Italy - now there's an idea! Learn to make pizza, watch the intricate art of Italian leather, & enjoy Chianti & antipasto at a 16th century Tuscan winery. Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice and beyond… It's amore! 

Simply Italy
2 Countries, 12 Days
Roundtrip Rome

$2385 - $2570
various dates
SAVE up to $285


On the Fiestas & Siestas we’ll float through two of Europe’s finest countries, staying south where the nights never fizzle and the days can surely sizzle. We’ll commence in Spain’s beachside beauty then leg it north to find Bull Fest fame, before drifting into Portugal’s inimitable culture. 

Fiestas & Siestas
2 Countries, 12 Days
Barcelona to Madrid

$2489 – $2552
various dates
SAVE up to $284

Eastern Europe

This is a trip for a refined type of traveller, not content on the same tired view. They can’t find satisfaction eating Hungarian goulash; they need to try cooking it too. There’ll be no tired icons on the Berlin to Budapest, and we won’t be queuing in lines. We’ll be too busy sampling Czech craft beer & soaking up Krakow’s salt mines.

Berlin to Budapest,
Independent Insider Trip (details below)
5 Countries, 13 Days
Berlin to Budapest

$2519 – $2678
various dates
SAVE up to $298


If you've been dreaming of going to Europe but don't know exactly where to start, the European Whirl is your best option. Taking in the usual destinations of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, it also ventures out east to Prague and Berlin. Both of which are currently on Europe's 'must see' list. The perfect combination of culture, relaxation and of course, good times!

European Whirl
10 Countries, 19 Days
Roundtrip London

$3290 – $3674
various dates
SAVE up to $351

Europe & Greek Islands

A couple of weeks holidaying isn't your style. You're coming to Europe and you're here to do the whole kit & caboodle with a few days on a Greek Island in between. We salute you! Albania, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland … just listing the countries on this trip is more than we have time for. 

European Explorer
Plus Greek Island Cruising
18 Countries, 34 Days
Roundtrip London

$7906 – $8518
various dates
SAVE up to $895

Can't wait until summer for a break? Getaway this winter.


If hot springs and sprouting geysers sound like your jam, then this one country wonder will delight you. For 6-days we’ll glide through Iceland’s outdoor playground, and devour the eccentric buzzing capital.

Fire & Ice
1 Country, 6 Days
Roundtrip Reykjavik

various dates
Winter Departures

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Contiki Introduces
Independent Insider - Designed for Freedom

Like the idea of group travel but want to stay in control of where, when and what you do? Don’t want to be steered by itineraries, wake-up calls or group sightseeing? Independent Insider was literally created with you in mind. 

How It Works

Independent Insider trips are a bit like building blocks. You can choose to do one block (3 nights), two blocks (6 nights), three blocks (9 nights), or a full 12 night trip. So whether you’re looking for a quick city break, a 6-night European hot step or a full 13-day continent deep dive, we can make it happen. Plus, the more cities you add, the cheaper your per day trip price becomes. #Winning.

You choose your start and end point to build your perfect itinerary.  We’ll get you to each new place in style on our chic modern coaches (think free WiFi, comfy seats & charging points). We’ll sort your accommodation. Only hotels, all in great locations.
And we’ll get you orientated in each city through a unique local experience - think art walking tours, bike rides and more. Then it’s over to you. No wake up calls, no set plans, just a brand new playground and your appetite for discovery.

Where Contiki Goes in Europe

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